Ignite the Power of WOMEN IN BUSINESS Experience

Within the next 10 years, 3 million more women than men will be enrolled in college, making the emerging workforce mostly female. Businesses that wish to grow and thrive need to be able to tap into the talent and brilliance of women.

That’s why it’s time for the Ignite
the Power of Women in Business

Develop Your Team

with 9 lessons that provide frameworks and examples for success in the age of the woman

Enhance Empathy & Understanding

by broadening perspectives and improving communication throughout the organization

Take Strategic Action

through exercises designed especially for teams and organizations


  • Learn why this is the age of the woman and what that means for your organization
  • Audit your business communication system and identify ways to improve listening, collaboration and celebration
  • Build mentorship and sponsorship programs to support high-potential employees
  • Enhance healthy collaboration within your team
  • Create a framework for ensuring women within the organization receive the support they need to thrive
  • Improve the diversity within your customer feedback system


Hi! I’m Simon T. Bailey,
and I am so glad you’re here!

Over the past three decades, I’ve partnered with more than 2,000 organizations to empower and equip their teams with the skills they need to unleash the brilliance within. It’s been an incredible journey, and I’m blessed to have learned from incredible leaders along the way.

More recently, I’ve undergone a transformation of my own. Sparked by the realization that I wasn’t giving my best in relationships with the important women in my life, I started a journey of self-discovery and careful study. The result was a new approach to relationships and an appreciation for how this unique moment in time is truly the Age of the Woman.

The stories I gathered along the way are the heart and soul of my book, Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life: A Guide for Men. With this course, I take the lessons from each chapter a step further — offering a plan of action for anyone and everyone who is inspired to join me on this incredible journey.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.



“For all the men out there wondering, ‘What can I do to show up more for the women in my life?’, Simon T. Bailey has the answer. Simon’s created a practical – and personal – playbook for honoring, elevating and celebrating women, not just in the office, but in our homes and societies. If you want to be a better colleague, ally, and partner to women, this book is the perfect place to start.”

Selena Rezvani
Award-winning journalist and leadership consultant

“I love this book! It is bold, brave, beautiful, and brilliant. Reading it and then practicing it is the best thing a man can do to supercharge his life and become the real deal to the people that mean the most. The world needs heroes, and you cannot spell hero without HER!! It’s about time someone told the truth about this subject and started a conversation that will bridge the gap between men and the women we love.”

Kevin D. Brown
Author of Unleashing Your Hero

“If anyone has the authority to teach us how to ignite the power in others, it is Simon T. Bailey. If you desire to add value to others, this book is a must-read.”

Dr. Dave Martin
Best-Selling Author and Success Coach

“You can feel the emotional energy of risk in every word of Simon’s writing. This book is a pioneer and champion for a new way of relating to the roles of feminine and masculine, whether in work or life. It seems as though the words literally leap off the page and inspire you to feel, think and play curious if what we’ve been believing in our gender roles is still serving us or making us more disconnected and apathetic toward one another. Every human deserves to read this book.”

Allyson Byrd
Author and life coach

“Ignite the Power of Women in Your Life is filled with useable and simple actionable suggestions for men on how to love and honor all the women in their lives. Filled with insight and inspiration, Simon Bailey shares his hard earned wisdom on his transformation to becoming a conscious man, trustable man.”

Arielle Ford
Author, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate


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guided exercises to help you and your team activate what you’ve learned

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This guide includes everything you need to implement the Ignite the Power of Women in Business Experience in your organization: email templates for group planning, complete session agendas and a chapter-by-chapter book outline for discussion and easy reference.